In 2016, we awarded 540 scholarships, valued at $1.6 million, to students, educators and retail employees looking to further their education and careers in retail.

Our wide variety of scholarships include the Next Generation Scholarship, Student Challenge, Dream BIG Scholarship, Ray Greenly Scholarship, Rising Stars Scholarship and NRF Ambassador Scholarship. Recipients of the NRF Foundation scholarships build strong careers in retail and are motivated to become ambassadors for the industry.

The Next Generation Scholarship and Student Challenge are awarded in person from the Gala stage. Read more about the Next Generation Scholarship and Student Challenge scholarships and finalists.



A collaboration with University of Phoenix to offer retail employees a chance to enhance their careers through education.

The stories shared by applicants show that retail is more than just a job; it's a fulfilling, challenging career path for those who work hard and want to achieve great things. In 2016, 20 recipients received full-tuition scholarships to help them pursue their big dreams.  


Meet the 2016 Dream BIG Scholarship Finalists!

Read more about our Dream BIG Scholarship.



Provides financial support to students pursuing a degree in fields most relevant to digital retail such as engineering, computer science, marketing, business, e-commerce and economics.

The Ray Greenly Scholarship is awarded to students who have creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and are forward-thinking to create new ways to connect retail customers to brands and products. These students have the potential to impact the future of digital retail!


Meet the 2016 Ray Greenly Scholarship Finalists!

Read more about our Ray Greenly Scholarship.



Teaches younger students about the variety of career opportunities available in the industry and encourages them to attend one of our Student Programs early in their academic careers.

The Rising Stars Scholarship is a travel grant up to $1,500 for students to attend the Student Program and career fair at NRF's Retail's BIG Show. Each NRF University Member can nominate one freshman or sophomore.

Read more about our Rising Stars Scholarship.